Reaping The Rewords: A Twitter Story

A couple of days ago I tweeted that I had started Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross. Being the pro-active social media kind of guy he seems to be, he retweeted me. Then yesterday he sent me a message that eventuated in an email exchange about Mr. Peanut, which I love, which comes out today in Israel, which I’m very proud to be publishing at Kinneret and which I am excited to be marketing.

Now I’ve been on Twitter for a while, and after an initially quiet ‘consumer’ period eventually I also got into it and started tweeting and linking away myself. It seems much more exciting, interesting and dynamic than Facebook has become, and I enjoy being able to be professionally social rather than personally social (which I’ve often found can be a bit of a drag, bookwormy hermit that I am).

How lovely to ‘follow’ someone instead of ‘friending’ them. I don’t want to be your friend (at least not yet), I want to share ideas with you. It’s been wonderful to feel surrounded not by acquaintances whose every vagary of existence pops up on my now redundant news feed, but instead by like-minded people who are also happy to spend hours of time reading articles about books and publishing and writers. It was also a pleasant, if slightly intimidating surprise to realize just how much information is out there. This stuff was interesting, and it was useful. It made the internet into an enriching, mutually beneficial space, rather than an arena for egotistical me-me-me-ing.

Now of course there are people that use Facebook in the way I use Twitter and vice versa, and I’m not sure if the difference in format between the two impacts on how enriching and ‘mutually beneficial’ they can or can’t be. But really this is all besides the point, because the best part of this whole thing is that I got to email Adam Ross personally. That, independently of the fact that I happened to be his Israeli publisher, he reached out to a reader of his and asked for a response.

It’s all very well to retweet an article about how to market e-books today (there are some great ones by the way), or how to best make use of NanoWriMo, but it’s not until today that I really felt I was reaping the rewards of an active Twitter account. Hence the terrible pun in the title and the awfully big smile on my face. Adam Ross, by the way, is lovely.

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