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  1. I don’t understand your reticence:)
    It’s disappointing, though, isn’t it, when for whatever reason we can’t respond to someone’s writing? But, reading’s not a duty, or a tryst with the sacred – though some books might, blissfully, fall within this latter category – and having paid your money, given it your best shot, and still you’re unconvinced, I don’t see why it can’t be used as a doorstop, or some other practical device. Having said that – and yes, I do, after several attempts (sometimes spanning years, even decades, depending on the degree of critical acclaim) abandon a book which fails to capture my attention, there is a tradition in Buddhist publishing that a book about the teachings must not be discarded, but rather, passed on to someone else. Perhaps that’s the answer?

  2. It’s very disappointing indeed, but maybe that’s part and parcel of sometimes connecting with a writer so deeply and so freakishly that you feel like they got inside your mouth and started speaking in your voice, for you. Still, I like your Buddhist answer very much. Assumedly, as with men, there is a book out there for everyone 😉

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