The Octogenarian Who Jumped Out of An Old Life and Into a New One

Italian book cover for The Centenarian Who Jumped Out The Window and Disappeared

So, my grandmother isn’t a centenarian, and nor is she quite blessed with a grandchild with bestseller writing potential and a name like Jonas Jonasson to PR the hell out of it, but – she does have me, and yesterday, as she stepped off her aliyah flight at 80 years old with signature grace and equanimity, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the title of the bestselling book, and of films like Up.

In a globalised, highly-connected and hyper-communicative ‘facebook’ age, it is, I suppose, hardly surprising that more and more of those belonging to an older generation are taking the opportunity to re-discover their vitality and capacity for change.

Don’t let the grace and equanimity fool you, however, my grandmother is not one of those…..

For the full post on The Times of Israel, click here.


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