Great blog post from what looks like an exciting new UK startup, on how the internet is connecting those with the ideas to those with the skill for execution. Being one of the latter – I wouldn’t mind someone creative throwing me an idea now and then, and apparently, since ‘execution is expensive’ I am in possession of quite a skill…

“Crowdsourcing is a way of solving problems and producing things by connecting online with people that you otherwise wouldn’t know”. That’s according to a video by (we posted earlier this month on facebook) and it’s central to what we’re doing. If you’ve read any of our previous content, you already know that we want to help create new businesses by connecting users with the people or the ideas they need to start up; that means finding and collaborating with business professionals to help develop your concept, or finding great startup opportunities to pitch in time and resources.

Sharing ideas online is the starting point of any real or meaningful experience with our community and stats show that the majority of us are comfortable doing it. Most of us live and work in the grey area between total privacy and openness. Life is about engaging with your surroundings –…

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