Sometimes there is nothing better than going to a second-hand book shop (and usually these places are delightfully secluded) and losing yourself with a freedom you couldn’t, or wouldn’t have when brushing your fingers past the straight spines of newly printed books.

I love how with second-hand books there are histories already attached to what you are buying, so that what you get is not just the story in the book but also the story about the book.

Vintage Words is about the stories we tell ourselves about books today, and maybe also a nostalgia for the books of yesterday.

Of course, that’s all wonderfully ‘meta’ and so also very postmodern, (you could go crazy and start talking about the stories that are about the stories, or the metanarrative of publishing today) so sometimes I like to be as tangential in writing as I am in person and make like a cookery blog or write generally about life living in the wildly unique situation that is Israel today.

(But really, it’s all about the books. and the words…)


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